Your Build Your Own Blueprint (BYOB) Course

This course is for you if you say, “That’s Me” to any of these statements:

  • You're sick and tired of being sick and tired you realize that you've been looking for clarity in all the wrong places.

  • You want to remove debilitating thoughts about yourself and discover a new you!.

  • You need a real plan for your life - or least for the next 5 years.

  • You're tired of just surviving. You're ready to thrive & grow!

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from Your Instructor

    • New Student Site Walkthrough

    • Disclaimer

    • Class Introductions

    • Google Meet

  • 2

    The Mindsets

    • Mindset Pre-Assessment Quiz

    • The Science Behind Mindsets

    • What the Heck is Neuroplasticity?

    • What We Know

    • Discussion

    • Lesson Evaluation

    • Keep Going!

    • Assessment TEST

  • 3

    Reverse Vision Mapping

    • Reverse Vision Mapping Introduction

    • Learning Objectives

    • WATCH: Video Speaker: Dr. Marisa Peer

    • Self-Awareness Activity - Review It!

    • Discussion

    • Self-Awareness Activity - Regret Letter

    • Discussion

    • Video: How to Build a Growth Mindset

    • The B.A.G.

    • Module Evaluation

    • Google Meet - Group Meeting/Discussion

  • 4

    Productive Failure

    • Productive Failure Introduction

    • Learning Objectives

    • Productive Failure Mindset Discovery

    • Activity

    • Discussion

    • Video: The Power of Believing That You Can Improve

    • Personal Stories

    • Video: How Changing Your Story Can Change Your Life

    • Activity: Re-Right Your New Story

    • Module Evaluation

    • Google Meet - Group Meeting/Discussion

  • 5

    Forward Vision Mapping

    • Introduction

    • Learning Objectives

    • Speaker via Video: Janet Attwood

    • Activity: Quotes for My Personal Blueprint

    • Activity: Let's Get Lit!

    • Module #3 Evaluation

    • Google Meet - Group Meeting/Discussion

  • 6

    Motivating Factors

    • Introduction

    • Learning Objectives

    • Reflective Readings

    • Discussion

    • Tricks to Stay Motivated

    • Module 4 Evaluation

    • Google Meet - Group Meeting/Discussion

  • 7

    Blueprint Foundations & Construction

    • About the Final Lessons: 2 Parts

    • Blueprint Foundations Learning Objectives

    • What's Next

    • Post Mindset Assessment

    • Curriculum Evaluation

    • Closing Video


    • Final Wrap-Up Meeting on Google Meet!

You Need to Know More?

The B.Y.O.B. course is a 5-week, online course that was created for two distinct groups of women in mind:

  • Women who are looking for clarity in their lives and need strategies to remove stumbling blocks and require a roadmap to lead them towards their intended life goals; and 
  • Black women and girls who live in housing communities and are facing the backlash of high eviction rates and gentrification. 

Prior to this course release, a focus group of women (and one smart male participant) who were of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds, volunteered their time to go through the course.  The outcomes confirmed our intent.

The course's curriculum is grounded in the research and findings of Dr. Carol Dwerk's fixed vs. growth mindset theories and strategies.  This course will change the trajectory of your life and every woman can benefit from it!

By the end of this course you will know;

  • How to pinpoint your motivating factors;
  • How to dismantle old mindsets;
  • How to handle setbacks;
  • How to free yourself from the need for approval; and
  • Develop strategies to focus and change.


Discovered the emotional states of my mind

Dr. AC Johnson - Focus Group Member

“I discovered the emotional states of my mind that have kept my reliving my past instead of making the move to advance forward and forgive myself.”

Will really help women pursue their passions

J. DiMattio - Focus Group Member

“I have gone through the BYOB course and I really enjoyed it and felt will really help women pursue their passions because it provides those tools they need to plan for and reach their goals.”

The Build Your Own Blueprint course is wonderful!

C. Odusanya - Housing Coordinator

“The Build Your Own Blueprint course is wonderful! Our residents at Blue Ridge Estates enjoyed the program. We look forward to working with PurposeBound Women’s Build Your Own Blueprint course for future groups at our facility.”

All the lessons fun

J. Trent - Course Participant

“I really liked this course because Mrs. Woods-Howard made all the lessons fun and I could relate to everything.”

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