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All PurposeBound Women have a need to become better but, somewhere along the lines, we've told that "you are not enough". Well, you ARE more than enough. You've just encountered some obstacles. But don't worry, you have the choice to build a new blueprint for your life anytime you decided to do so. If you're ready now, we stand ready to help you! You should enroll right now if you can identify with our checklist.

  • You're sick and tired of being sick and tired you realize that you've been looking for clarity in all the wrong places.

  • You want help to rediscover the value of your own experiences.

  • You want to remove debilitating thoughts about yourself.

  • You are ready to do the work to discover how you can use what you already have in your hands to be of value to yourself, your family and your community.

  • You want to use your passion to create as a "side hustle" that could turn into a lucrative business.

  • You've always wanted to have your own business and felt you've never been given the opportunity.

All of our courses are customizable for groups!

Perfect for organizations and women's networks

  • Easy Referral Source

    Our program is administered through cohorts of at 10 individuals. Based on the number of referrals, each new cohort starts every 60 days. Contact us for special rates/details/start dates.

  • Documentation

    Usually, organizations must provide documentation, in many cases, to funders. You'll get that when you register your program participants. Weekly progress reports in your mailbox each week.

  • Value

    The return on your investment is undeniable. To meet all of your organizational goals AND spend the amount of time required with each individual in your program to affect change in their mindset is impossible. Enrolling your program participants in our program gives you the hours you need to continue moving your organization forward while WE handle your most important assets - your clients.

Bonuses For Everybody!

Everybody loves a good bonus!

  • The Coaches Corner

    Completion of our courses gives you access to our Coaches Corner. We have coaches from the U.S. to the U.K. and they are ready to help guide you to your final destination!

  • Community

    Everyone needs an accountability partner and that's what you'll get - access to PurposeBound Women's Accountability Group on Facebook. We offer continued training inside this group as well. You'll love it!

  • Social Enterprise Opportunity

    Now, you can join other purposebound women in our social enterprise - Refurbished Collectives - if you decide to start your own business. (Only available with our Passion to Profit program).

Your Program Instructor

LaWanda Woods-Howard

I am pleased to meet you! I have loads of experience in corporate America but, none of those experiences compares to the years I've experienced as a SINGLE PARENT. When you meet me, you'll quickly see that l am a woman on a mission. I am notably known as the mindset destroyer facilitator - working with women to change their destiny by confronting their current situation. I have a track record of working with residents in housing communities and partnering with other organizations. You'll love what I do! I have always had a heart for servicing the community. But, it was not until March, 2005 that my passion for community became an assignment. Becoming a single parent was a game-changer. My household income went from over 150K to 40K to zero. Since that life transition, I've met lots of other women from various walks of life who face similar struggles, but many of them don't have the degrees or even work experience needed to lift them out of tough situations.  I created Purpose Bound Women as a way to become the community these women need as they navigate through and out of difficult times. We provide women with the tools I needed during my trying times-- resources, educational tools, events, and a community.  All of our online courses & workshops help women bridge gaps that help them survive, thrive & grow in their passions.

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